You receive a receipt for 59 thousand pesos, but there is no water in Monterrey |Yucatan Journal

2022-07-05 16:06:27 By : Feng L

MONTERREY.— In Monterrey, the inhabitants have been suffering from a lack of water for several weeks, however, that has not prevented them from being charged for the service, some have even reported excessive charges, such is the case of a lady who was tremendously surprised when see that his water bill was 59 thousand pesos.It was through a local media that the case of Mrs. Mary Guzmán, a resident of Nuevo León, Monterrey, was made known, and who said she was amazed —and worried— to learn that she has a debt of 59 thousand 348 pesos according to as indicated on your Water and Drainage receipt.The lady, who has gone viral, showed that this exorbitant amount that they are charging corresponds to the service charge from May to June.Likewise, the receipt indicates that the resident of Hacienda Mitras consumed 551 cubic meters of water, which she pointed out is illogical, since only three people live in her home (she, her husband and her son, who works and is usually almost all day away from home).Likewise, she pointed out that how could she consume such an amount of water if she barely has a supply of drinking water five or six hours a day, so in that time she collects water in six containers.The woman assured that although she uses the water for the kitchen, the toilet and bathing, she does not spend even 100 liters of water a day.Doña Mary stated that when she saw the receipt she was shocked, since she usually pays 300 pesos a month for the service.The elderly woman commented that after the arrival of her receipt and noticing the anomaly in the collection, she decided to go to the Water and Drainage offices to ask for an explanation, but they only gave her a report number and told her that she would go soon. an inspector to check the meter.Mrs. Mary Guzmán stressed that despite the fact that she has already spent a week, they still do not attend to her.