Ushuaia prepares for a record cruise season

2022-07-21 14:53:17 By : Ms. Marilyn Lee

The Fuegian capital is preparing to receive 540 cruise ships, 131 more than in 2019 and three times more than this year, confirmed official sources from the Provincial Directorate of Ports (DPP).The agency detailed that in the 2019/2020 season there were 409 calls at the Fuegian port terminal, while the following year there was no activity due to the coronavirus pandemic and in 2021/2022 the movement was partially restored with 178 arrivals.The vice president of the DPP, Miguel Ramírez, maintained that the scheduled cruise traffic from November of this year to April 2023 will be “record” and forces the logistics tasks to be coordinated with the ship operators for the days with the highest influx of passengers. .According to the official, there will be "days with 18 boats" to be served and this implies a "coordinated task, for example, with tour operators that operate with groups in the vicinity of the port to take visitors on different excursions," he said.In addition, the tourist movement will coexist, as usual, with the arrival of container and fishing cargo ships.On the other hand, the port of Ushuaia is currently in the construction phase of an expansion of the dock that will allow it to operate with greater comfort to avoid congestion and delays in operations.The work is 50% completed and "if there are no inconveniences, the first 80 meters could be finished between the months of November and December," Ramírez said in statements to local media.Maritime tourism represents almost 30% of the total movement of visitors to the city of Ushuaia each year, and is considered to have a great economic impact because it ensures the arrival of foreign contingents who, although they stay a short time in the destination, go on excursions and consume in shops and restaurants.The cruises are divided between those that have the Fuegian capital as part of their routes through the South Atlantic, and those that make trips to the Antarctic continent.In this sense, Ushuaia concentrates more than 90% of the passengers who embark to discover Antarctica each year.They will build a Technological Museum in BarilocheGas production in Neuquén reached a new record in JuneDue to the high risk of snow avalanches, in Ushuaia they ask not to travel in some mountainsA dog saved a skier buried under a meter and a half of snow in UshuaiaThey identified the sailboat that rammed a whale in the Beagle ChannelRadius 3 |May 25 740 CP9100 - +54 0280 4435221 - Trelew - Chubut - Patagonia Argentina - 2019© Streaming |AM 780 LRF 210 |Radio 3 Trelew - AM 1200 LRF 203 |Radio 3 Andina - FM 104.1 LRF 429 |Forest FM Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved